Meet Trish

Meet Trish

Meet Trish

 Hi I’m Trish
and I’m a free-spirited, musically inclined, God fearing, homeschooling, fashion and fitness loving,

vegetarian eating (NOTE: I eat veggies not vegetarians)
DIY addicted, Pinterest obsessed… and seriously (at least I believe, though not diagnosed) ADHD,
Mom of four and Wife to one
whose goal in life is to do it all
 while attempting to stay chic!!



here we are

This is my Family!

   Since this pic our eldest son got married and is now stationed in Florida. Our daughter graduated and is going to school in our home island, Guam. Hopefully we can get an updated one soon.

I hope you stay and peruse a bit as I bare it all before you. I’m sure we’ll become quick friends.
We’ll talk soon!

  What’s with the name, Baglady Chic anyway?

Like I said, I’m an avid thrifter, with a love for fashion and I was constantly pushed by others to do something that will allow me to share this passion of mine.
I started Baglady Chic in 2011 as a way to share my thrifted finds. I wanted to show the world that you don’t have to have a fat bank account to wear the styles you love. 
I was super hyped about it and all ready to get started and
then, well, life happened.
   Not only was our family going through a bit of a tough time, but we were also going through many changes.
One of those changes was the homeschooling of all four kids. When we first started homeschooling in 2009, I only homeschooled one of our four kids while I worked full time, and she was old enough to be independent. So to go from one 11 year old to NONE then to four kids,ages 5 to 16, was a challenge in itself, though it was one of those fulfilling challenges. However, with our life in constant change, and our home on constant, I also found the love for something I never thought I would love for more then a couple hours at a time– gym clothes!!!
Yes, I was now, that mom!!!!
At this point in my life, maintaining a fashion or style blog was truly the furthest thing from my mind; and my heart.
 So Baglady Chic was finished before it even went live.
  Then one day, when I was on a hiatus from my current business, The Joyfulnoise (Dj/ Karaoke), my big sis challenged me to get Baglady Chic up and running again while I “figure things” out.
I thought, and I prayed, and then I said, “Lets do it. I have nothing to lose!”.
Writing had always been a passion of mine.
I truly believe I was only able to get through the emotions of adolescence through the poems and songs I was constantly articulating on paper.
Jotting those deep feelings down helped me through the tough times, and let’s face it, at that moment
I wasn’t in a very good place emotionally.
Unfortunately,(or fortunately) 
I couldn’t see myself writing exclusively about thrifting and fashion, it seemed so stinkin’ TRIVIAL at the moment.
I felt like writing about those minor, and seemingly vain things alone would just be
a mask for me.
Not just a mask for the world but a mask for myself. I didn’t need to just jot a few superficial things down, as i focused my lives scope on appearance and the latest styles!!
It would just become a place to numb out, not LEARN, GROW, and hopefully, one day,
That wasn’t what I wanted, nor was that what I needed in my life.
Thrifting and budget beauty was put on the back burner in my life, obviously I still enjoy all of that, but I needed more and therefore,
 Baglady Chic became so much more
As mothers, as women, we are always needing to be resourceful with everything from, time, finances, clothes, décor, patience, marriage, food (at one time I had to make several dishes with frozen bean burritos because we were so darn broke), family, and most importantly our emotional state of mind!!!!
We are constantly having to dig deep.
 At times I can feel like just that, a Baglady, trying to keep it chic.
Grasping for whatever little resources I have.
 Which bring us to today.
 I hope you can get something while you’re here.
To be able to just share my struggles and ideas while helping, inspiring & learning from you would be a dream for me.
This is my place in the world and all are invited to share and grow with me.
Let our struggle not be in vain! Let’s learn from each other!
We have to do it anyways, why not grow from it together

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