Around Here

“Around Here” is a pictorial journal of our life.

The snippets of our corner.

Our world!

I was never one of those moms who took tons of pictures.

Though I don’t regret much in life, this little fact

I do regret!!!!!

Around Here is my way of changing that; and letting you all into my life


Week of 07/03/16

This week was an emotional whirlwind for us. Mainly for me. My sister and her family made a tough decision to move back home to California from Houston. I’ve been a bit of a mess. Here is just a few pics I snapped of our week on a pretty terrible camera phone.

lego brothers

Two hands are better than one. These two are the best of friends. Really, just ask them.

First Lego League

The boys started back in FLL this week. Lego robotics are all the Rage with these two.

finally getting those floors worked on

Elijah decided to take on changing the floors out in my room with daddy. We’ve had most of our floors replaced last summer. Josh ended up going into the hospital soon after, first for an aneurysm in his femoral artery, then heart surgery. Needless to say it’s been quite a year. Of course these minor (said with sarcasm) setbacks put our home repairs at a screeching halt. I’m so glad that we’re back in repair mode. Not only are we feeling much more productive, but it’s also a testimony of health- for us at least.

repairs throughout the house

And there he is. My very own handyman hopping from one project to the next. He’s changing out door knobs still wearing the mask he used to cut wood. How’s that for multitasking 🙂                         

minecraft update

A Minecraft update calls for a celebration. It also calls for a playdate with a best friend.

face refresher

The makings of a beauty DIY. It’ll be up on the blog soon. Can you guess what it is?

dinner with family

Dinner with family. This will be the last time we will all dine together while my sister and her family are living in Houston, I’m so sad. On a different note, I just love my engineer and his exaggerated smile.                 

dinner talkI’m totally engaged in conversation and just taking in the moment.

Dinner conversation

                                              Table talk                                                  

not a candid shot anymoreOh, oh! I’ve been spotted. So much for a candid shot.


A toast to the years God gave us, living only two minutes away. I consider the time a blessing full of memories I will forever cherish. I’m so glad sisters are forever, and mom and dad will have more kids living by them.                                                                                                   


An after dinner picture with the only woman that will just so happen to be rocking a thrifted dress and a super cool DIY necklace just like me. it’s like we’re twins, but not twins!

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