Baglady Gems of the Month

In an


  to stay grateful

  count my blessings

and basically just have a positive outlook on life.

I thought it would be great to focus on the small things in life.

Here’s where I share the small (and big) gems, the paragons, the great inventions that I didn’t even know I needed but somehow

graced my life with it’s usefulness.

All those great things that just made my life easier this month!

Check back monthly, you never know,

you may find your

gems here



So I realized I didn’t share my gems for June and I’m kicking myself! So, feeling like a total flake, I’m going to attempt (mid July) to share just a few June faves.

Homemade abalone necklace

First up are these DIY abalone necklaces. These are super special to me. I made them with my daddy in his shop. My dad is brilliant and extremely talented. Between he and my hubby, I don’t think there is anything they can’t do. We made necklaces out of an abalone shell my parents had sitting on their bar for years. One of them fell and broke, so my dad and I just started carving beautiful jewelry out of them. I thoroughly enjoyed the moments I was able to spend with my dad while visiting them in California. Having these little babies to document the time spent was just the cherry on top. 

highwaisted shorts

These thrifted, polka- dot, high-waisted shorts were definitely my favorite article of clothing I wore in June. Have you ever had a piece of clothing that you secretly wanted to wear everyday? Well that was how I felt about these. I wore them with a white cotton tank, I wore them with a black tank, a black rocker tee, a mustard tank…umm, I  think you get the picture.

Bluetooth headphones

Oh My Goodness…These Bludio T3’s Turbine bluetooth headphones!!!! I love these things. How I ever got through life without them is just crazy. I’m an avid reader but in my busy life, I can’t seem to find time to read. Until I discovered audiobooks! I can now “read” while I’m washing dishes, driving and in the shower. Of course I don’t use them while I’m driving or in the shower (hehehe) but now I can clean like a mad woman while talking on the phone, listening to music or current read. And all while my phone is charging!!!! 

Jewelscents Guava Maitai candle

And last, but not least this Jewelscents Guava Mai Tai candle.

I got it as a birthday present from my son and his wife in May, but didn’t really get to enjoy it till June. Oh my, does it smell AMAZING! I love it. I must find every product they have that smells like it, it’s that yummy. Best of all, every Jewelscent candle comes with a beautiful ring inside. Not only is it an added bonus, it’s also super fun to find- oh the little things. 

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