My Food & Nutrition Philosophy

food and nutrition

I have had

an Ever-changing,

Head Case of a Diet

since I was 14 years old! Fourteen!!!

    I know that’s incredibly young! When I was fourteen, my sister stopped eating red meat and since I lived with her, I did too. Once I moved back in with my parents and tried to eat meat, I realized I just didn’t like it. When I got married, I started eating red meat again for the next few years (per my husband’s request). One year however, I went on a juice fast for health reasons and never ate any meat after that. I’ve been a vegetarian for maybe 5 years and the longer I stay a vegetarian the more I do it less for health reasons (I had chronic stomach problems all the years I ate meat) and more for my animal friends!

(Disclaimer: I see nothing wrong with eating meat at all for others. I only adapt this lifestyle for myself. My family all eats meat; I just cant get myself to eat it. Look how cute they are!!!!! AWE! I LOVE THEM!!!

cow mama and cow baby

So I say this all just to give you a little background of how I eat.

Hey, maybe you can relate to me– maybe, just maybe, I can make a new friend in you– one who doesn’t think I completely insane- because it sort of gets worse!!!

  • No Meat –you knew that
  • No preservatives (enriched flour or any products made with it, Most bottled/ jarred products (bbq sauce, salsa, ketchup, etc.)
  • No White Sugar (I sub with maple syrup or honey and on occasion, coconut sugar.

ummm…I think that’s all

So my food philosophy in a nutshell is this: If I don’t know how it’s made or where it came from then I’d rather not eat it!

If you’re like me then come back often, see what’s cooking in my kitchen;

and by all means,

please share your recipes, tips and knowledge with me as well.

Cant wait to hear from you.


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