Where’s My Mind?


So I was thinking about perspective this morning.

I was considering how a situation can arise one day and I may have a pretty joyful perspective on it. Then say, two weeks later (and depending on my outlook on life at the moment), the same situation may arise but it’s now overwhelming, or a burden!
It’s crazy how that happens!
What’s with that anyway?
Consider the rain, for example. Rain can have such a bad rap.

With rain comes the gloom. Gloom can bring us down, or just make us tired (it does for me at least) Things we intend on doing that day,  sometimes gets put on hold. How about rain on your outdoor wedding.–YIKES! Guess what though, yours truly experienced that– no lie!


What if we choose to see the rain in a different way?

Maybe a time to rest perhaps; cuddle with our favorite people. How about a time for our garden to grow, I mean the earth definitely needs it! A chance for God to allow the sun to come out behind you on your wedding day (that’s what happend to us on our day after the rain). It was the most beautiful part of the ceremony.

If we acknowledge the fact that rainy days, and seasons, are a guaranteed part of life (and there’s not much that life guarantees us– well there is that death and taxes thing) then we must make a simple (okay, HARD!) decision to find the joy in the storm.
Just as the rainfall nourishes the land we depend on; so does the torrents in our lives. Even the light drizzle has it’s place. Though light, it still strengthens.

Remember that today, weather small or large, the storm in your life is a cause for joy. Because, from those storms come strength, growth, fruit, renewal, and eventually a sober, clear vision.

Make a decision with me today and everyday to grab hold of your mind. A decision to change your perspective. To be joyful, accepting, and overall grateful for the rainclouds in our lives.There will be beautiful moments– beautiful days because of thier presence.

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Trish Santos

Trish is a wife & mother of four. She lives & homeschools her children in their home in Houston. She is the owner & DJ with The JoyfulNoise Mobile Music Studio. Trish is also a musician, an avid thrifter, a bargin hunter, a diy'er, & Content Creator for BagladyChic.com

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