Wrapping up the 2016-2017 School Year

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Now that the 2016-2017 school year

has come to its screeching halt (at least for us)

I wanted to do a quick post about how our year went.

It was a pretty good one, but I must say,  quite a busy one as well.

We stuck with a lot of the same curriculum  as the previous year (a grade up of course) for most of our subjects, but with some tweaks here and there.

Math, Language Arts, History & Science pretty much stayed the same.

There were a few adjustments in each subject. We of course studied Middle Ages rather than the Ancient Times we did the year before. Obviously they moved up a year for math, reading & language arts. For science they did the other half of the Apologia General Science. Since it was mainly Biology, I intertwined Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy & Physiology for my 4th grader.

We did tons the of extras this year! The boys were in their second year of First Lego League Robotics. The Kiddo’s FLL meetings were on Thursday evenings but they did tons for it throughout the week. They were able to make it to Worlds this year!!! it was such a great experience for us all. They even won a trophy for project and were 24th in Robot!!!!

Thursdays was when we got the bulk of our Fine Arts in. If you remember I couldn’t quite fit the subject in last year. Well that all changed when a local Fine Arts Coop switched their meeting days from Fridays to Thursdays so it totally worked out for us!

The boys ended up taking Violin, Piano, Music Theory and Art. It was so awesome, but unfortunately it took up too much of our time! Mainly for me. I typically have to prep for the class I teach (History) in our Friday Coop. I had always used Thursday mornings & afternoons to do that. Well our wonderful Fine Arts Coop totally cut into that because I had to teach on those days as well. We loved, loved, loved it but it will unfortunately be one of the things we will be cutting out next year. I do have a Fine Arts plan for next year though! Stay tuned.

Ez was in Gavel Club (Toastmasters) for the 2nd year and Elijah took Fencing for the first time. Both classes were right after our Friday coop. They were in their meetings while I was cleaning up my classroom so I didn’t even feel it. It was awesome and we’ll probably be doing both next year.

Bible stayed the same. We just used the Bible. But we did however, discover an amazing app! It’s called Read Scripture. They use these awesome videos from a  YouTube channel called The Bible Project which is so amazing. It has really enriched our reading like no other.

For the most part, this is it. Of course they took tons of courses from the coop we do on Fridays, they both took a History class that goes along with the history we do at home along with other classes as well, mostly enrichment.

We unfortunately had to cut out nature studies because we just didn’t have time, and we MOURNED IT! Needless to say it will be coming back next year.

Some things on our wish list for next year:

Tea Time

We used to do this years ago. It was a nice break in the middle of our day.

I figured it will be a great time to fit in literature, geography or something we can do together and desperately want to fit in.

Nature Studies/ 30 to 20min Nature walks

Like i said it had been greatly missed. We have to do a one a week nature study for sure. As far as nature walks I’m thinking we can do that daily in between subjects to take a break from sitting, We shall see.

Thoughtful Thursday

We have a few elderly friends and in the years past we would alternate between nature studies and hanging out with them. Sometimes we would even use our nature study days to clean up the beach or something. I basically wanted to use a chunk of that day to think outside ourselves. This concept again was sacrificed last year because of the extra coop we took on.

Start Monday’s at the Library or coffee shop

Now I’m not sure this will stick or if it will be enriching at all but all year last year I thought we just need to get out of the house at least once a week to do our work. I feel like it’ll just help us to focus and reset our mind. Now this all totally makes sense in my mind but it may not work out in reality. Again, we shall see.


So my friend,

What was your homeschool like this past school year?

Have you already thought of things to change?

Any thoughts on my future plans? I need all the help I can get please!

Let me now.

In the meantime


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